Student Leadership Experience

July 8-15, 2021

Similar in scope to the international experience, students participate in workshops, relevant curriculum and service learning, with the goal of helping develop students from across the US into bold-hearted leaders, who will influence their schools, families and communities…                       to change the world.

2021 Student Leadership Experience Brochure

What They Learn

  • Leadership and Character-building Sessions with the emphasis on bringing out the leader in all the students through development of character, self-awareness, inter and intra personal development.

  • Frequent team-building and relationship-cementing in Lead Teams, led by trained staff and interns, designed to offer small group setting which provides depth of learning.

  • How to Have Conversations When There’s Conflict –Teaching students how to have conversations when they don’t necessarily agree on issues, or have had a conflict. It also teaches them how to seek common ground with someone they have nothing in common with. They learn, then role play these issues.

  • Critical Thinking – Help students cultivate a disciplined process of actively and thoughtfully thinking on their own, without influence from emotionally charged and sometimes unverified messages from social media and the culture. Assist them to gather information and evaluate all sides of issues in order to develop a guide to their own action and belief.

  • Anxiety & Depression – In a survey of high school students, they list anxiety and depression as the #1 challenge for them. COVID has battered our kids with new emotional challenges. We offer ways to identify and work through these issues safely.

  • Transitions to College – Facilitated by our college interns, this session is packed with what you need to know to finish high school strong and transition to college for maximum success.
  • Technology, the Good, the Bad and the Benefits-Exploring the impact of technology on our lives. This session provides statistics, research, and reasons why our technology can manage us or we can manage it. How it can be an amazing tool, but not get in the way of building lasting relationships with peers, parents, teachers and more.

  • If You Really Knew Me – Designed to develop authenticity, transparency and vulnerability – all key character traits of great leaders. This session is led by our staff and interns and is a powerful session for students that has great impact.

Where They Go

*Schedule subject to change

Grand Canyon

  • Visit one of the “Seven Natural Wonders of the World”, a must-see stop in Arizona, where students will visit the South Rim and experience the ‘ooh-ahh’ majesty of the Grand Canyon. At 7,000 feet above sea level, we’ll look down into the 1.1-mile-deep chasm that’s visited by approximately 5.5. million visitors from around the globe every year.

  • Stay in Williams, AZ, known as the “Gateway to the Grand Canyon”, on Historic Route 66. The town boasts a National Historic District Main Street where there’s a nightly “shoot-out” featuring classic Old West outlaws.


  • Another popular destination for visitors to the Southwest, Sedona is known for its red-rock buttes, steep canyon walls and pine forests. It’s one of Arizona’s most beautiful destinations, highlighted by sites such as Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and Chapel of the Holy Cross.

  • Our group will stop for a visit, including a meal at one of Sedona’s restaurants all famous for the view of the surrounding red rock vistas.


  • We’ll stay at the White Stallion Ranch, a dude ranch known for its activities, food and service. It is ranked by travelers as the #1 top hotel/resort in TripAdvisor out of almost 150 properties in the Tucson area. Our days will be filled with fun Ranch activities like horse riding, mountain bikes, hiking as well as a wonderful pool.

  • Immigration is a key issue in our country and world, and we’ll visit the US/Mexico border. Students will have a chance to learn up-close the issues surrounding immigration and come up with their own ideas on how to best address it.

  • Tucson Business leaders will join students for a dinner to discuss leadership, what it means to be a leader and interact face to face.

Want to Come With Us?

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